The 7 Best Cafes In Port Vila, Vanuatu (For Good Coffee)

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If you’re anything like me, a good coffee is more than just satiating a caffeine addiction. It’s a ritual. And finding a cute cafe with good vibes feels like an oasis far from home.

Sit down. Chill out. Caffeine up. And maybe even clear your emails for half an hour before the day really starts.

While Port Vila has amazing eateries, finding great coffee spots can feel like searching for a hidden gem, because we all know how good a good coffee can be, and how disappointing a bad one it.

So which cafe’s in Port Vila are worth trying? 

In this post, I’ll share 7 of the best cafes in Port Vila to satisfy your caffeine cravings.

1️⃣ Best All Round: Coffee Tree
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2️⃣ Best Coffee: Tanna Coffee Factory
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3️⃣ Best Views: Nambawan Café
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4️⃣ Great Western Food: Jill’s Café
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5️⃣ Island Time
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6️⃣ K2 Kitchen
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7️⃣ Honourable Mention: Cafe Vila
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My 7 Best Cafes In Port Vila Vanuatu (In Order)

I visited every single one of these 7 cafe’s during my visit to Vanuatu (some multiple times!).

I found it a bit confusing when searching for cafe’s as some are your typical coffee bar, while others are a full service restaurant and other even a bar with music! The word ‘cafe’ must mean a few things here 😀

So these cafes are my picks for the best place to get a good coffee, a light breakfast or lunch, and chill out while living the island life.

1. Best All Round Cafe: Coffee Tree

coffee tree

Coffee Tree is a modern industrial spot located in an alleyway next to the old Post Office building. It’s one of the few places that roasts its own coffee, using beans from Tanna Island and other parts of the island. Upon entry, you’ll be welcomed by the aroma of freshly ground coffee and friendly staff. 

The cafe has a relaxed and casual atmosphere, with rustic, comfortable wooden furniture and antique decor. It’s a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, so it can get busy at times, especially during lunchtime. 

They make amazing smooth, fully flavored cappuccinos, which cost 400 vatu (about $4). Coffee Tree also offers light and heavy meals at a reasonable price. If you’re looking for the perfect companion to your brew, you can’t go wrong with their freshly baked banana bread.

Tip: Checkout their chicken katsu roti wrap. It slaps, and only costs 750vt

What I liked!

  • Fresh and full-bodied coffee. They roast its own coffee using local beans.
  • Wide selection of food items at cheap prices (Try their Katsu Chicken Wrap!)
  • Casual atmosphere, with friendly staff and fast service
  • Great spot to work out of with super fast wifi (Hola digital nomads!)

What I didn’t..

  • Lots of foot traffic, especially during lunchtime.
  • Can get a bit noisy if you’re looking for a quiet spot to chill.

Best Coffee: Tanna Coffee Factory

tanna coffee

Not only does Tanna Coffee Factory serve amazing coffee, but I also like that they support local farmers and communities in growing and processing organic coffee beans. They’re based on Mele Road and offer guided tours–about the history and mission of the company–and demonstrations of the roasting process. There’s also a shop to taste and buy their products. 

The cafe has a relaxed and friendly vibe, with comfortable seating, and a rustic finish. There is also a large outdoor deck, where you can enjoy the view of the garden.

I enjoyed a smooth and rich latte, which cost 350 vatu (about $3), paired with a tasty ham and cheese croissant. If you’re looking to enjoy a chilled beverage, you’ll never go wrong with their milkshakes. 

What I liked!

  • Guided tours and demonstration of the roasting process
  • Supports local farmers and communities
  • Delicious coffee (of course!)
  • Good food options (though, not the best)
  • Can buy a bag of coffee to take home!

What I didn’t..

  • Quite far from the city center, you’ll probably need your own transport to get there (or convince the local bus to go down the long and bumpy road)
  • More of a tourist spot than a local spot

Best Views: Nambawan Café

nambawan cafe

A lively and fun spot overlooking the seafront, Nambawan is always buzzing with activity and energy. The cafe has a vibrant and colorful atmosphere with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. There’s also Wi-Fi for paying customers and free movie nights at certain times of the week.

I only visited once and tried their flat white. It cost 300 vatu (about $2.50) which was surprisingly one of the cheapest I’ve had. I followed this with a chicken and avocado wrap. Even though it was average, I appreciated that they used fresh ingredients. 

What I liked!

  • Lively atmosphere and kick-ass views. (You’re sitting right on the waterfront)
  • Not the best coffee but not bad either. I’d give it a 7/10
  • Friendly and efficient staff
  • Big menu of food items (it’s almost a bar, restaurant and cafe in one!)
  • Wi-Fi and movie night

What I didn’t..

  • Not ideal if you’re looking for a quiet spot to hang out
  • Probably avoid if there’s a cruise ship in as this place gets BUSYYY

Great Western Food: Jill’s Café

jill cafe

Jill’s Café is an American-style hub, perfect for those days when you’re looking to enjoy a melting pot of cultures. It’s a cozy and elegant spot with simple wooden furniture and wall art here and there. And the staff is always courteous and attentive. 

They have a skilled barista too. 

You can expect them to whip you up a creamy and indulgent mocha, priced at 350 vatu (about $3), or a strong long black (250 vatu / $3 ). 

Some of their food items are pricier than the nearby venues, but they make up for it by serving generous portions. If you’re unsure what will complement your brew, I recommend their chocolate croissant. It’s buttery and delicious with flaky perfection. Which makes for a decadent treat.  

What I liked!

  • Good espresso coffee. I wasn’t able to tell what beans they used but they
  • Attentive staff and prompt service
  • Decent selection of food items

What I didn’t..

  • A little pricier than other cafes, especially their food menu (but it is more Western style food so this makes sense)

Island Time

island time

Unlike most other cafes in the area, Island Time is the easiest to find. It’s one of the most popular spots for locals and tourists alike. Don’t be alarmed if you have to wait for your order. 

The cafe has a chilled atmosphere, with a touch of island culture and plenty of outdoor seating. Also, you’ll be served by the friendliest and most cheerful of staff. 

They have a robust burger menu, so you won’t regret trying any of the flavors. They’re always prepared with fresh local ingredients and served with a large portion of chips for a filling meal. 

Where coffee is concerned, they have limited options. But their long black is satisfying and made using locally grown coffee blends. You can expect to pay around 200 vatu (about $2) per serving. 

What I liked!

  • Chilled atmosphere
  • Fresh and tasty coffee
  • Friendly and cheerful staff
  • Casual service
  • Meals made from local ingredients

What I didn’t..

  • Limited coffee options

K2 Kitchen

k2 kitchen

K2 Kitchen is a great place to kick-start your day. It’s a stylish, minimal cafe with a contemporary coffee experience. You can choose from different types of coffee, and they’re always rich and balanced.

My personal favorite is their cappuccino–priced at 350 vatu (about $3). If you do happen to pop in for breakfast, I recommend their crunchy and sweet granola bowl. The cafe also has a variety of plant-based meals. 

What I liked!

  • Contemporary coffee experience
  • Rich and balanced coffee
  • Polite and efficient staff
  • Menu caters to various dietary needs

What I didn’t..

  • Not the classiest of vibes and decor.. but hey, we’re on the islands, not in Melboune..

Honorable Mention: Cafe Vila

cafe vila

You can find this elegant gem in the Nasama Resort. The cafe has a relaxing atmosphere and an outdoor area where you can enjoy views of the garden. The staff were warm and welcoming and provided prompt service.

I mainly recommend Cafe Vila for dining–because of their wide selection of perfectly prepared meals–but they do provide smooth and aromatic coffee. 

A coffee costs 550 vatu (about $5), and you can expect to pay around 2250 vatu (about $29) for a filling meal. Most of the meals were tasty, but the lemon meringue cheesecake was the perfect way to wrap up my scotch filet steak dish.

What To Expect

  • Relaxing atmosphere and a bit more of a refined service than some of the other local cafes
  • Tasty coffee (of course) but not as good as Coffee Tree or Tanna Coffee
  • Robust menu of food items. This more of a food spot with coffee, than a coffee spot with food.
  • Warm and welcoming staff

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